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  • Temp: 59/39
    Wind: 6 MPH

    Latest News:  Mountain Adventure open weekends and Columbus Day. 13 Nights returns October 1st.
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    Snowmaking Blog

    Check back often to learn what our snow making wizards have done and what they plan to do. 

    No Pressure Here!

    Jim Van Dyke 0 994
    No Pressure Here!
    Pressure – The state of being pressed or compressed.

    To Date the Snowmakers have made snow 245 hours and converted 67M gallons of water into snow. Last Year - a terrible year those numbers were 169 hours and 30M gallons.

    It's Snowing!

    Katie 0 1250
    6"-7" on the ground at Jiminy as of 8 am Sunday morning! We are in a great position with this storm to pick up, up to 17" of snow! Team Snowmageddon is at the ready to get back in action Sunday night and will pick up where Mother Nature leaves off. Opening day is planned for Friday, November 25th and that's looking mighty good right now!


    Jim Van Dyke 0 952

    After a couple to false starts, umm, I mean, pressure testing and equipmentoperation exercises, we are ready to start up the snowmaking season for real.