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  • Temp: 64/42
    Wind: 6 MPH
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    Musings from the desk of Tyler Fairbank

    The End Is In Sight....

    Tyler 0 469
    The end is in sight—What a crazy winter season it was this year. Jiminy is now closed mid-week and planning to go weekends through Easter Sunday. Cranmore and Bromley ended operations for the season this past weekend. We certainly run out customers far before we run out of snow at this time of year.

    Powder Day!

    Tyler 0 980
    Holy Powder, insane skiing at Jiminy today-  I grew up skiing this mountain, and have been fortunate to have skied all over the US and in Europe.  I can honestly say today was some of the best skiing I have ever had.  Yes ever!

    Recovery Galore

    Tyler 0 1231
    Recovery Galore-  Jiminy looks awesome this morning.  After the rain and warm temps the past few days, we were concerned about the quality of the snow surface.  We put together a plan to get about 80% of the mountain covered with “dust-and-run” snowmaking

    Great Day For Skiing!

    Tyler 0 903
    Great day for skiing in the Northeast-  We needed this!  The entire Northeast got a nice blast of snow on the heels of a great snowmaking stint, in the middle of a holiday period.  Jiminy got about 6 inches, Bromley 8-10 and Cranmore hit the mother load at 14-18 inches.